Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Art Omi New York 2014

© Art Omi by Sébastien-Barré

I am very pleased to let you know that coming summer I will be attending Art Omi in Upstate New York. The Board of Directors of Art Omi, extended a formal invitation to join the 2014 Art Omi International Artists’ Residency. The residency will take place June and July in the village of Omi in Columbia County, Upstate New York.

The first week of the residency I'll be working on a series of monotype projects with master printer Melissa Braggins of Pond Press, Rhinebeck.  The second week of the residency: around 30 professionals from the NYC area come to Omi to conduct studio visits. Open Studios Day is scheduled for the last Sunday of the residency.  On this day friends and the public are invited to join for brunch and to tour the studios and meet with the artists.

Moukhtar Kocache will be the Critic-in-Residence.
Lilly Wei (Art in America - Art Today) will be the Critic Emerita with the first week of residency.

Art Omi International Artists Residency


About Art Omi:
Omi International Arts Center offers four distinct residency programs: the Art Omi International Artists Residency for visual artists. The programs encourage residents to collaborate and explore new avenues of expression and experiment with media and techniques not always available to them at home.

Omi invites gallerists, critics, agents, publishers, curators and collectors to give talks and presentations. Their visits also benefit residents by providing them with exposure and access to the New York cultural scene.

© Art Omi photos by Sébastien-Barré & © Art Omi