Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grand Canyon

Arizona is a wonderful place, is a sacred place, my ancestor passed the Grand Canyon on their way to Panama thousands of years ago. Not long after I left Arizona I found this note on the net.

For 11 remarkable days, April 18-28 of 2009, indigenous spiritual Elders and leaders from around the world met in northern Arizona. The gathering, entitled Return of the Ancestors, was sponsored by the Institute for Cultural Awareness (ICA) and based upon the vision of Adam Yellowbird which he received as he sat with Mayan and Inca Elders in Peru in 2007.

This was not some typical New Age gathering where a couple of Elders speak to a mostly-white audience. This was a step up and step out working meeting of real Elders and spiritual wisdom keepers from nearly every continent in the world.

Yes, there was a large international audience during the day although many were often also participants or volunteer workers than simply audience. Additionally, there was a sizeable number of spiritual young people who had come to learn. Moreover, many in the audience were spiritual leaders in their own countries who had come to learn from the Elders, too.

There were people of every color and nearly every spirituality, belief system, and politics in the world coming together in a sincere effort to learn from each other and work to help humanity survive these troubling times.