Sunday, November 15, 2009

Invitation IDFA 2009

The State of L3
Very cordially invite you to
the premiere of Antonio Jose Guzman’s
“The Day we Surrender to the Air”
during the Paradocs program of the 22nd International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2009

22 of November Tuschinski 5
Movie Starts at 22.00 hrs

Surrendering to the air means floating. It means unlimited movement, and this is precisely what director Antonio Jose Guzman does in his project The Day We Surrender to the Air. Guzman got his DNA analyzed in the United States and discovered that he is of African, Central and North American, and European lineage. His genetic identity is based on the Diasporas of his forefathers. So how did his parents end up in Panama? Starting with Guzman's own DNA, his "atom," as he calls it, the film opens a window on the world.
IDFA 2009