Wednesday, February 16, 2011

State of L3 at MHKA Antwerp

LONELY AT THE TOP: Parallel Doors of Perception

The State of L3

Antonio Jose Guzman is a Dutch-Panamanian audiovisual artist who works in several media on such subjects as DNA, migration and gravity. On the 5th and 6th floors of the M HKA he will be showing The State of L3, a project he has been working on since 2008 and which is a follow-up to The Day We Surrender to the Air, the documentary he made about his quest for his DNA. The State of L3 is a project that links the continents of Africa, South America and Europe in a search for the African identity of and affinity between artists and youngsters on those continents. It is a project on pan-Africanism, on multimedia networks and on the need for a pan-African collective for contemporary art and film. The State of L3 Contemporary Arts & Film Collective: Antonio Jose Guzman (Amsterdam), Ton van Beers (Amsterdam), Abdulaye Armin Kane (Dakar), Felipe Peres Calheiros (Recife), Neil Fortune (Suriname/NL), Edduin Gonzalez (Panama/Paris), Raul Balai (Amsterdam), Quinsy Gario (NL/Curacao), Sandim Mendes (NL/Cape Verde Island), Leroy Sankes (NL) and Lars Borm (NL).