Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artist Talk: Antonio Jose Guzman - Rush Arts Gallery NYC

21 April 2011, 18:00hrs - 20:00hrs
Rush Arts Gallery Chelsea NYC

Piertopolis Mappings: Goa - Panama City - NYC - Amsterdam - Dakar. Rush Arts Gallery and Sasha Dees present the artist talk “Piertopolis” by Antonio Jose Guzman. Antonio talked about what he has been doing his past visit in New York and showed visual results of the project so far in Panama and India.
Piertopolis interventions in public spaces features photos and wooden piers on which one can walk and connect to other piers in different parts of the world. A pier accommodates the act of leaving, of traveling and embarking - it is a place where the gone and lost are contemplated. At the same time, a pier is a place easily associated with arrival and return, with reconnection, and with the fulfillment of hopes and wishes. Besides, a pier is also a continuously changing structure. 

Its features are affected by wind and sea, by the people, boats and animals that use it. A pier never looks the same. 

The structure-like characteristics of the pier make one think of small meccano constructions, architectural fantasies and utopian landscapes in which the border between reality and illusion is blurred.

In Piertopolis, the subjects treated in these two former projects are re-evaluated. 

The installation includes different references towards the transatlantic travel of the African DNA. However, Piertopolis differs from the former projects in the sense that, instead of local heritage, unity in movement and fluidity is emphasized: Piertopolis is one place where people can move. Moreover, pictures that are taken of the installation present a new reality by means of the connection of the two older ones

Antonio Jose Guzman, Piertopolis, 2010-2012, courtesy the artist
Sasha Dees is an independent curator that works between Europe,
the Americas and the Caribean focused on international exchange and collaborations.

She works a.o. as a curator for Open Ateliers Zuidoost
Artist in Residency.” - Dutch Art Events
 (the above text is directly cited from Dutch Art Events entry

Piertopolis · Antonio Jose Guzman
Rush Arts Gallery
Chelsea, NYC, NY | USA
Images courtesy of Ramono Martelli + Sasha Dees + Antonio Jose Guzman + André D. Singleton