Thursday, May 5, 2011

San Francisco International Arts Festival - The Day We Surrender to the Air

SF Intl. Arts Festival: Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, Arts & Culture in Space

Sunday, May 29 2011 2:00p

From The Netherlands Antonio Jose Guzman offers 'The Day We Surrender to the Air (Episode Two)' where the artist uses himself as an example of the migration between the so-called Old and New Worlds tracking the evolutions of his identity through the spaces of his ancestors' traveling experiences throughout Polynesia, Eurasia, Mesopotamia, Africa and eventually to America and Europe. His work implies that his genetic identity is based on the various Diasporas of his ancestors, and thus on the decisions they made in migrating to some place or to another.  Surrendering to the air means floating.  His trip around the world and quest to find himself opens up a wider perspective on the countless surprising connections between the people of all continents.

This screening is produced by ZGAC in collaboration with affiliate partners including: Golden Star Productions, the San Francisco International Arts Festival 2011, the Space Arts Development Fund of the National Space Society and The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at the College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University.   A portion of the proceeds from the screening support the Space Arts Development Fund fiscally sponsored by the National Space Society.  ZGAC is an international space arts organization dedicated to fostering greater access for artists to space flight technology and zero gravity space through the creation of international partnerships with space agencies, space industry entrepreneurs, arts and science organizations and leading universities.