Monday, June 20, 2011

Sønik adventures this year. Panama - NYC- Bergen - Antwerp

My journey this year so far.
INAC National Institute of Culture of Panama
Lecture and show at the MHKA, Museum of Contemporary art of Antwerp
Exhibition in Bergen, Norway at KNIPSU
Installation in Panama city Art Space Los del Patio
Lecture at Rush Art Gallery in Chelsea NYC 
State of L3 show in Aarhus Denmark in collaboration with Mads Peter Laursen (bureau de tours)  in the legendary Gallery Image, Århus Denmark.

We live in a world dominated by simulated experience and feelings and have lost the capacity to comprehend reality as it really exists. We only experience prepared realities– edited war footage, meaningless acts of terrorism, the destruction of cultural values and the substitution of “referendum.” 
Jean Baudrillard

“The very definition of the real has become: that of which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction. . . The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced: that is the hyperreal… which is entirely in simulation.” Jean Baudrillard