Thursday, July 31, 2014

HEL VED - Parkhotel

You can have a peek at HEL VED special curated exhibition at 
Parkhotel until 15th september 2014. 

Stadhouderskade 25 - 1071 ZD Amsterdam

Baifal Ultra | Présence Series | Dakar, Senegal

Baifal 6 | Présence Series | Lightjet print | Dakar, Senegal 2012

Hel Ved Gallery present the latest work by selected photographers, in an especially for the Park Hotel curated exhibition. 

Iain Mckell Photographer
Benni Valsson 
Alex Salinas 
Antonio Jose Guzman
Jochem Sanders Photography 
Tribble & Mancenido
Stefano Galli 
Sharieta Berghuis 

Art of Style is a collaboration between Park Hotel, HEL VED, CODEMagazine and choreographer Gianni Grot.


Since the beginning of human history geometric order and chaos exists in architectural and urban structures together. Balance between order and chaos is necessary. I am constantly looking for photographs and spaces that exude a melancholic mood and mystery. The indifference created covering the faces of the people portrayed, depicts a world of African myths and global realities.

Creating this visual obstruction the photographs visualize the social costs of our careless Indifference to the world we living and our communities. As most of my work the series were born from past experiences, dreams and desires.

Some of the portraits on the series were inspired by Dogon African Mythology and by the paintings ” The Son of  Man” and “La Grande Guerre Façades” by Belgian painter René Magritte.

© Antonio Jose Guzman 2012 Dakar – Saint Louis – Ngor – Gorée