Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Grateful Dead

Cycling back home with the Ipot on shuffle, crossing the schellingwouder bridge on the road back home to my room in a boat in the out of skirts of Amsterdam town.

A song hit my Ipod, then there it was a flashback to 1971, I was born, flashback to 1993, I was a dead head on the road to California. Hitch hiking Costa Rican lines and desires, but how 15 years later this song still makes me fell in heaven, makes me fell like nothing compare with this universe; I you never listen to the Grateful Dead in your life then you been missing an experience of a life time, this music is not been made on this planet, this is from far beyond anything ever been play, Hendrix and Sun RA are the only ones who are on this line. But still is an enigma for me on why a Latin american black kid like me still run this dead head felling, why was this band so important in my life?; My life has change so much. This will remaind a question without answer, the Grateful Dead seem to be part of my individuality and philosophy. Maybe those days in the 60's are part of a karma or some celestial energy that is beyong my comprehension. The Dead is still on my soul. I fell alive when I hear this music.

Antonio Jose Guzman
on Saint Stephen

"St. Steven will remain...Enlightened folks have always been present in every generation. Prophets, poets, etc. .. They are traditionally social "losers" yet are traditionally revered long after their deaths. I also think I am not alone in deriving support and inspiration from the sea."Children of the garden when they sigh about the barren lack of rain and droop so hungry 'neath the sky.... I see the hopefuls of today (today reamins a constant notion, even though the song was written forever ago) as being these children, and as corny as it sounds, I see the dead scene as providing the water we need to nourish and support one another..."William Tell has stretched his bow... Is an image of critical mass...an observation that significant change is the only possible outcome of the current state of affairs. As significant today as it was when it was written."--Julie Ellen Anzaldo.