Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In the framework of the International Polar Year - a global awareness-raising event on the urgent need of respecting the ecological balance for the survival of planet Earth- the 1st Biennial of the End of the World has been inaugurated. The Argentine National Secretariat on Cultural Affairs has declared both the International Polar Year and the Biennial of the End of the World - which will link Argentina to Canada and Finland through the City of Ushuaia- of Cultural Interest to the Nation.
Within this framework we launch this project, which fosters cultural exchange among the younger generations of the Tierra del Fuego province. To that effect we made up a multidisciplinary group, composed of freelance artists and teachers from the provinces of Tierra del Fuego, Río Negro, Chaco and Buenos Aires.
Above: "Origen" by Elina García Garrido
The overall idea relates to a poetic dialogue between both poles South and North. We shall work on raising awareness and comprehension about the polar areas and their fundamental role in the environment, the ecosystems and societies of the Earth, as well as in those endangered species that travel all throughout America and other Continents from Pole to Pole, like the “Black-browed Albatros” (Thalassarche melanophrys), “Spectacled Petrel” (Procellaria conspicillata), among others.Left: "Estalagtitas" by Roberto Pujana - Photographer
The idea of the multimedia installation is based on the concept of Exchange, thought out as the possibility of having artists from Ushuaia and other cities of the Northern Pole take part in the work with the aim of exchanging experiences. It will also enable visitors to actively participate in the space, or simply tour around it.
The Educational and Cultural Axis, lead by Marcia Alvarado, Adriana M. Dos Santos and Elina García Garrido, offers an open proposal of “Mail Art” and “e-mail Art” (electronic artistic exchange) at workshops with children and young people in the province, held at public libraries in Ushuaia (province of Tierra del Fuego) as Southern Circumpolar Area, in Resistencia (province of Chaco) as Non-Polar Area, and Toronto (Ontario), Yellowknife (Yukon) from Canada as the Northern Circumpolar Area.