Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Door of Return

The Door of Return (Surrender Series | Reconstructed Memorial | Digital Print | Dakar 2008) is currently at the Sociological conference and exhibition Culturalization of Citizenship at the Compagnie Theater, Amsterdam. Citizenship, National Canons, and the Issue of Cultural Diversity. The Netherlands in International Perspective. Funded by NWO Research Programme Cultural Dynamics, Forum, Oxfam & the ASSR.

This research project offers an empirical analysis of the culturalization of citizenship in the Netherlands at three levels: in the national political debate; within local government and civil society; and as part of the experience of individual citizens. The concept of culturalization refers to the growing importance that is attached to cultural heritage, the ‘canon’, and to emotions linked to culture and the nation such as loyalty, feeling at home, and belonging.

The analysis of this culturalization of citizenship in the Netherlands and of the effects of culturalization on (potential) migrants are deepened and contextualized within a focused comparison with a selection of other countries in Europe and the southern hemisphere.


  • Mabel Berezin, Cornell University, US
  • Nira Yuval-Davis, University of East-London, UK
  • Paul Gilroy, London School of Economics, UK
  • Jan Willem Duyvendak, AISSR, UvA
  • Evelien Tonkens, AISSR, UvA
  • Peter Geschiere, AISSR, UvA