Saturday, December 22, 2012

Portraits, Logos and New Projects

new portrait by R. Fokke

© Rogier Fokke

“As an artist the aim of my work is to create audiovisual storytelling,
with installations and multimedia projects related to cultural analysis,
 philosophy, architectonic assemblages, utopian sociological systems
and history, using interaction and reaction between different cultural
groups internationally.” GUZ*

new logo GF Workstation Studio

© Marshmallow Kingdom
Proud new logo designed by MK*

Joining Forces with ARCAM & WAAG

Joining forces with ARCAM and Waag society for their project The (un)perfect storm.
The development of all mappings made in L.A and Amsterdam will be made with the
Windward School in Los Angeles and presented in May 2013 in the Void Gup Gallery

ARCAM Architecture Centre Amsterdam.

Waag Society Institute for Art, Science and Technology.


Currently helping and curating a retrospective from 70′s Dutch artist Ton van Beers. This is his first show in 30 years. He dedicated the last three decades to build boats, industrial design, private art projects and coaching. Happy to be part of this. The Opening is 14 December at Passeerdersgracht 23 from 17hrs.

"The works of Ton van Beers all have an story, whether on their origins or in the original function of the material he use, or in his wanderings through junkyards, shipyards and flea markets, to the context of art and the metaphors that his objects depict."
Pietje Tegenbosch

Gallery Tegenboschvanvreden
Art Historian – Amsterdam October 2012

Windward School Los Angeles

January 2013 visiting my family and artist in residence at Windward School, Los Angeles California, developing a mapping project of the Santa Monica and the Mar Vista area.

Exhibition / Lectures / Performances
Project Piertopolis Data Visualization Series
Mapping Urban Scapes & Building Orb Observatory
Currently working and developing project presentations, research,
academic papers, visualizing data with urban planners, sociologists,
illustrators and graphic designers.