Monday, June 2, 2014

hel ved at kunstrai art fair

Hel Ved is proud to present diverse artworks of Tribble & Mancenido, Alex Salinas, Iain McKell, Jochem Sanders, Benni Valsson, Stefano Galli and Sharieta Berghuis on the KunstRAI, contemporary artfair. 

Also on display our new Hel Ved artist: Antonio Jose Guzman. 

We would like to invite you for an exclusive tour along the Raw Edges of the KunstRAI and drinks on Thursday the 5th of June at 18hrs.

- June 5, 2014

Learn the ‘how-to’ in collecting art and photography. Curator Bob Smit (RAW art fair) guides you through diverse raw edges galleries on the KunstRAI. 

7.00 p.m. Drinks, DJ Niek & Absolut Tasting: The secrets of premium Vodka.

Join us for the exclusive Hel Ved opening this Thursday from 7pm @booth 32 of Hel Ved. RSVP for the guestlist.

6.00 p.m. Start Exlusive Raw Edges Tour@Hel Ved/ 32

RSVP before the 4th of June at for the ‘Exclusive Raw Edges Tour’ (limited to 20 persons) at 6 p.m. or ‘Just for Drink’ at 7 p.m.

The KunstRAI and exhibition of Hel Ved Gallery is open to the public from Wednesday 4th of June (8 p.m. to 22 p.m.) , Thursday 5th & Friday 6th (12 p.m. to 21 p.m.), Saturday 7th + Sunday 8th + Monday 9th (11 a.m. to 18 p.m.)