Sunday, June 1, 2014


We are proud to present our newest Hel Ved artist on the KunstRAI:
Antonio Jose Guzman.

His work ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ creates indifference by covering the faces of the people portrayed, depicting a world of African myths and global realities. 

HEL VED is an photographers agency & art gallery specialised in documentary-oriented photography.

HEL VED is an agency specialised in documentary-oriented photography for fashion, general campaigns and editorial purposes. HEL VED is an agency but acts as a gallery as well, with an online presence and offline events.

We define New Documentary as photography that uses reality as a canvas to create explicitly subjective perspectives of images. This can result in an abstraction from reality, but can also facilitate a deeper look into the fabric of that same reality. One could say that New Documentary is the poetic aspect of ‘regular documentary photography’, traditionally seen in news and photo journalism.

Clearly things are not always black and white as scientists or philosophers would hope. But then again, photography is not a science. It’s a continuously evolving art.

Labels are no more than a device which serve to enable a conversation about creative work. And in order to stimulate this conversation. Hel Ved has initiated New Documentary: a platform and evening dedicated to the art of New Documentary photography.